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Address to the customers

Dear friends,

Mutual understanding, as you know, is the best ground for business cooperation. Therefore I am genuinely glad today of the opportunity to comprehensively present Joint-stock commercial mortgage bank AKIBANK to you. Rather small and little-known at the moment of establishment AKIBANK has grown into a universal credit institute, holding a stable position in the main activities among the leading lending institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan and regional banks of Russia. The bank ranks among the first five credit companies of the Republic in terms of maximum profit.

The events of the recent years put the bank’s strength to the test on the one hand, and confirmed the right choice of the bank’s development strategy on the other hand. What is the main result of our acquired experience and the work done? The answer is as follows - the regional economy stands in need of advanced banking services, and we have managed to meet this demand to the full extent. The bank has retained the top liquidity and safety positions due to the growth of the main economic indicators of activity and implementation of statutory requirements. A significant increase of scale of operations and worthy financial results enabled the bank to join the ranks of the 100 largest banks in terms of assets.

But paying tribute to success, we are not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Aiming for the maximum availability for all the classes of customers and providing high-quality services to each of them, we meet your needs and we are always ready to render effectual assistance in solving the problems.


Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ildar Galyautdinov
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USD 76,60 80,60
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